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LongJohn's Legacy

North Hill Five-Plex

4720 – 4728 Chrisella Rd. E.

Edgewood, WA. 98372


Behind the homestead but before the wooded ravine, on 3.5 acres overlooking the Puyallup Valley, each unit in the 5-plex is one bedroom, ¾ bath (shower only).  Four have oak floors and picture windows facing the valley.  One has a fireplace.  All have natural gas space heaters.  Sizes vary from 480 s.f. to 670 s.f.  Built in 1924, one unconfirmed piece of history: in its early years, the oak floor served as a speakeasy dance-hall!


LongJohn moved here in the mid-1960s. Like clockwork he was at our door the first of each month, with crisp bills in hand to pay rent.  In early 2001 things changed.  A few days in to the month, not having seen LongJohn, I went to find him.  When I knocked on his door, he called from his chair:  "I knew you'd figure it out.  The rent's on the dresser."  A few months later, after a couple of days in the hospital, he lasted only a few hours in a nursing home.  If he couldn't have his independence here on North Hill, lingering on was not his way.


Tenants pay for lights, gas and TV cable.  Owner pays for water, hot water and garbage.


There are no laundry facilities on the property.  Nearest bus route is a mile away (Route 402 – Meridian), along pedestrian-unfriendly Chrisella Road.


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