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October 1997 - November 1998

Upon arriving at the cottage, one of the first things I do is catch up on the journal entries since our last visit. Someone wrote about the many guests that feel like "family" and that’s true. We are so grateful that John and Lucy share this wonderful place.

I had a greattt time here. I love the view. It’s awesome (age 12).

This morning a doe wandered up the path . . . 

We’ve spent 3 stormy, but enjoyable days here. The house was very snug and cozy.

I’ve shot 3 rolls of film so far. ‘Seems like a never ending source of scenery and sights.

Beverly Beach has the loveliest agates.

Views from this cottage are fantastic, the sound of the surf enchanting and the kitchen so well equipped that we ate every meal here.

Mostly we have done nothing but relax . . . and thoroughly enjoyed the amazingly beautiful view.

‘Saw lots of spouts and even some whales.

I will miss this place very much. It has been the most peaceful time we have spent anywhere.

‘Spent 5 days of bliss here. The beach walks were excellent.

Varied weather: some rain and 2 beautiful days - 65 and sunny (in March!).

The beach is wonderful. You find the best agates in the rain.

As usual, we wish we could stay longer. It’s so hard to leave, but we’ll be back!

We had no idea what this place was going to be like. We were delighted upon our arrival.

We found the pathway to the beach, but only me & Rueban & CJ could make it down. We thought that was cool to have something like that. It must of took a lot of work.

I saw a whal! I saw a spout & a tail! We had fun! (age 6).

Our second visit here was to get married, which happened right after the windstorm of December 1995. We had the ceremony right in this living room.

We saw dozens of whales from the window this time. The binoculars and telescope were appreciated.

The week went by too fast and we can’t wait to come back.

Thanks a million for another great stay at our favorite spot. We so look forward all year to our vacation at the cabin. . . . We feel blessed to stay here. It’s a delight.

The sunsets the last 3 evenings have been absolutely gorgeous.

We had a nice time staying at your cabin for the first part of our honeymoon.

We will without a doubt be back next year.

Last night when we got here we couldn’t see how beautiful the view was because it was dark. This morning when I woke up I ran to the picture window and looked out. I was breathtaken.

I love to sit in the yard, watch the ocean & feel the wind.

We’ve been spotting gray whales daily. Quite a few were around the lighthouse (Yaquina Head visible from the cottage).

We have been coming to the cabin since 1982. It’s one of my favorite places.

At the culmination of a drive south along the beautiful coastline of Oregon, we were thrilled to discover that your beach hideaway far exceeded our expectations! The view is, of course, spectacular, but just as great was the ambiance of this cabin. We especially enjoyed the evening fires, the wood provided, split and stacked, the trail to the beach and the lawn furniture.

This is one of my favorite places to be. We plan to come here for our 2nd anniversary too.

It feels like coming home each time we visit.

If you’re reading this, go down the trail. It’s not that steep. PS: Have a good time; I did.


April 1 - December 19, 2005

....a much-needed refuge from an otherwise rushed and busy life....Right now I’m sitting on the rocker (bench) overlooking the rolling white caps...

The majority of our time was spent being cozy--inside, with the fire burning, just looking out the window, my very favorite thing to do here. We’ll be back, of course. We absolutely love this place.

Thank you for sharing this lovely home. Memories were made and will be cherished.

...the most amazing view in the world from this place. We hope we can enjoy your wonderful family treasure again.

So much to do, up and down the coast. Many great memories made.

We went down the trail lots of times and it was very hard, because there weir lots of slippery and gross stuff... We loved going down the trail. And we played in the ocean and made a big sand castle. WE ALL HAD FUN.

We are packing to leave this little paradise. It is soul refreshing to sit and do nothing but cogitate about God’s wonder and how lucky we are to be here again.

We love the new deck. It’s perfect for stargazing.

You can’t beat the view anywhere. The first morning I say my first whale in the wild and had to wake everyone up to tell them. The living room is so cozy. We have stayed lots of places along the Washington and Oregon coasts.... This place is my favorite.

I’m sure that the traffic and the "same old same old" is a big reason most folks come to this cottage. It’s a reminder of easier, simpler times....The sheer magnificence of the ocean says: "Ain’t no "same old same old" here".... This cottage and its magnificent panoramic view of the ocean has the power to soothe and relax...

So glad I came to know this place, ocean waves through the picture window, storms washing in one after the other, the woodstove keeping it cozy inside... Perfect place to come, relax, enjoy, spend some quality time alone and get work done. Thank you.

The sea foam on the crest of the big waves was shining from the moon..... This house is so special. I always enjoy me stay here.

We walked the beach 2 hours without coats, it was so nice (in December!). The tide pools below Otter Crest were fun. The sunsets have been beautiful.

Our main focus this weekend was to relax and we did! Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of enjoying your wonderful coastal home. We hope to come back many more times. It is the best Craig’s List find so far.


September 2006 - October 2007


Thanks for the sweet little house with a great view. The website pictures don’t do this place justice!

Another amazing visit to the Lowry cabin. Beautiful weather, lots of whale sightings. We love it here every fall.

I am so grateful for my time here. The cottage has great energy and it fits--it feels like it belongs. Thank you to the Lowrys for sharing this space and keeping it affordable. I was actually able to BE here and not just rush in for a visit.

We arrived last night and smiles spread across both our faces -what a great place. I couldn’t wait to read the latest journal entries. I’ve always said it would be fun if the walls could talk. And, in such a place as this, with years of loving family and visitors--young and old, from near and far writing in these journals, the walls almost DO talk!

This is a trip I look forward to every year. This is my all-time favorite spot to vacation.

To the Lowrys: Thank you so much for sharing your cozy cottage. Not only with us, but with so many others over the years. Have you ever stopped and thought about the memories that have resulted for so many as a result of your generosity? We’ll be back again!

These logs are so addicting! We were up until 3 a.m. reading about the fantastic vacations of the past and great ideas for restaurants and sights!

I am not one to write in journals, but I feel compelled to do so, as I am breaking the rules if I don’t J My husband, mom and our two kids came and all had a blast. More than we expected. The view is simply unbelievable. We will certainly come back.

What a wonderful little cabin. I am so glad my friend Stephanie found you! We had a great time. Most of all we loved the view. We love the Oregon Coast. ‘Can’t wait to come back!

This was our first visit to Pop’s Cottage and we loved every minute of it. We both grew up in Portland, so we’ve been to the Oregon Coast many times. This was by far the most relaxing time I have experienced.

PS: Let me know about worthy non-profits. Auctions and raffles of time at the cottage can be great fundraisers. 

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